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Catch me

The ladies love me
They know who I am
They know what I look like
Though I never saw them
Their names don’t ring a bell
Because I never do

Supposed to deliver
But I do not
Don’t take it personal
I have no time to stop
You want the stuff you’ve bought
And buy even more

Catch me if you can
I’m driving a yellow van
Catch me if you can
I am your parcel man
Call me wanker, Call me Santa
I’m the parcel guy on the run
Catch me – catch me if you can

No buy – no cry.
I’m here to feed your need
Underpaid and rushed
I’m not enslaved to speed
Yeah, one day I am going to burn
Burn all your parcels and quit

(Must-buy consumer meets underpaid delivery worker.
Message: Stop buying so much shit – and pay fair instead.)