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Stop! I’m out. – I want to get off right here
I’m going to backtrack and take it up from there
I refuse to tag along, feeling like a whore
I am out of step and I’m out of this flaw
I’ll go out for a pint or even a dance
Chat up a bird in the hope of romance
No need for a fictional date or chat
I’m happy with those friends I have actually met

Call me a bloody dinosaur – Call me a bloody dinosaur
I refuse to flow and mind the gap
Call me a bloody dinosaur – Call me a bloody dinosaur
I rather stumble and cut the crap

Technics are rushing past
Can’t see their needs or deeds
Stopped to make them a must
By calling my own speed

Forever more electronic devices
Tomorrow even at half-price
I can feel how they intend to steal
My time and life from the real

Music is pretty much the same
I just cannot get the feel
With lyrics not worth the name
I step back in good will

A lot of Drugs being new
Doing things I don’t know them to do
If I were nosy and wanted to buy
They’d think me a copper or a spy

New-speak for drop-out-all-stars
Ghetto kid losers playing gangsters
A vacuum wrapped in pretence
I stick with old fashioned independence