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Hidin‘ Out

Hiding out hiding out
Hiding in a bar
Hiding out hiding out
Happy with a jar
Hiding out hiding out
Hiding and drinking beer
Hiding out hiding out
Happy the wife`s not here

The place I`m singing about
Has become my second home
I spend much time there
Having fun on my own
Here I am
What I am
Brooding and boozing
For that I`m known

Ref 1x

Some day there`s a brawl
Some day a fuck
Some days nothing
Just a matter of luck
A few drinks while killing time
I don`t ask for much
Just hanging around here
Till I had enough

Ref 1x

Slow extra part:

Once the door swung open
And all the eyes turned on me
I knew exactly who was coming
No need to see
I grabbed my glass and held it tight
Knowing it to be the last for tonight
I turned around
Too late to flee

My dear wife looked at me
Staring with her heart and eyes
Hugged and kissed me
To my surprise
She ordered two beers
Smiled and said cheers
And I knew she`s the one
The one for life

Ref: 2x