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Holy Shit / Corporate Identity

Maybe you are a supersucker
Planning your next massacre
With all those praying folks
You turn into a bunch of nutters
Don’t worry, I’m just being nosy
Why we can’t live nice and cosy
How about a pint or a little chat
Just to clear that matter of fact?

Hey you – All this haggle for our souls?
From all your subs that run the show
Hey you – Get a grip or kick some arse
Are you the mighty? Or just a farce?

I went to St.Peters Dome
Looked for the Lord and his son
Then at the wall of silence
All I felt was a whiff of violence
So I gave it a try in a mosque
But there was no holy boss
And when I peered into a temple of Zen
There was nobody either then

On top of mountains or under water
I’ve never met ‘ya, where I’ve sought ‘yer
And all those big fat Buddhas
I took as bunch of no-gooders
Sikhs and Hindus I didn’t check
Maybe this is where you’re at
And at the shrines of Shiva
I couldn’t find you either