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My dear beloved neighbourhood
Taking mature steps of no good
While being repossessed
You’re losing charm and steadiness

Mayday-Mayday – The Wannabes are coming
Mayday-Mayday – They are homing in
Mayday-Mayday – The wannabes are coming
Mayday-Mayday – They want the house I’m living in

Merely another passing fancy
Some minute-jacks feeling rather chancy
A shoddy manoeuvre with a pattern
Another district for the it-guys to batten

The borough now wealthy but dying
Residents leaving, its soul left crying
It is a damned boon and bane
As “prosperity” sets the frame

A spreading disease of filthy lucre
I feel compelled as a by-standing sucker
There’s time for talking and for silence
There’s time for walking and for violence