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Take A Break

Ref 1:
I am so sorry to say but we are going different ways
And there is no point, and there is no point
In doing so together
Lets wrap it up if our hearts seem so far astray
Call it an end, call it an end
It won’t get any better

Ref 2:
Take a break – make a start – ignore our fucked up past
Take a break – make start – try again with an unspoiled heart

Why not grab the chance
For the right moment to quit
There is no, there is no, there is no bonus for extra time
Instead of making a mess
Making a real mess of it
By walking, by walking, by walking this never ending line

That cuddly coat of love
That once kept us warm
Seemed never, seemed never, seemed never thick enough to last
Maybe it was too tight
And now it is worn and torn
It wasn’t, it wasn’t, it was not made to last