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The Pokes

Struggles, hazzles, troubles, I have locked them up
Arguments and rows, I couldn’t give a fuck
I’m primed for a dance, a good chat and a laugh
And this is what I’ll do, and I’ll do it by heart

What I want are some songs for a very long night
What I want is some music to get me all right
Listening to the “Mollys”, the “Murphys” or “the Pokes”
I want a break, a drink, a hug and a joke

Matters are matters and they matter when they matter
Tonight I ignore them, ignore them for the better
I’ll go for a kiss, a cuddle and a shag
And take anything from there and that

The realm has been fought, fought and shut down
By a many many pints being drowned
So I am ready and settled for any shite
Listening to the soundtrack for very long night