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Touch me

I’ve been cuffed before
To a person that once was a lover
I’ve learned nothing
And went straight to another
Damned to watch
My contramotions happy to recover
I got the feel
Of a journey that couldn’t be rougher

A traveller of lust
And sometimes love, in my own clumsy way
On emotional vacation
I was happy with my halfboard stays
I do not like all-inclusive
Just need a ticket to get away
It’s the soul,
The form of forms, urging me astray

Some memories now soft
The years made them easy, so easy to turn
The constant drag
Sustaining believes, all feels like uphill work
Some sideshows of passion
I still remember how bad I got burned
Like a human lemming
I follow and jump after what I yearn

Touch me – hold me – But PLEASE
let me go – …PLEASE let me go